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We do most of the special inspections in the TR-1 form.

Special Inspections are conducted during the construction process to verify that work is being done in accordance to approved plans and specifications. Special Inspections must be performed by Special Inspectors on behalf of a Special Inspection Agency.

BEFORE A PERMIT CAN BE ISSUED: The owner, or the registered design professional in responsible charge, acting as the owner's agent, shall complete two (2) copies of this agreement and the attached Special Inspection and Testing Schedule, including the required acknowledgments. A preconstruction conference with the parties involved may be required to review the special inspection requirements and procedures.

APPROVAL OF SPECIAL INSPECTORS: Special inspectors may have no financial interest in projects for which they provide special inspection. Special inspectors shall be approved by the building department prior to performing any duties. Special inspectors shall submit their qualifications and are subject to personal interviews for prequalification. Special inspectors shall display approved identification,as stipulated by the building official, when performing the function of special inspector.

Special inspection and testing shall meet the minimum requirements of New York City Building Code

Section 1704. The following conditions are also applicable:

A. Duties and Responsibilities of the Special Inspector

1. Signify presence at jobsite. Special inspectors should notify contractor personnel of their presence and responsibilities at the jobsite. If required by the building official, they shall sign in on the appropriate form posted with the building permit.

2. Observe assigned work. The special inspector shall observe assigned work for conformance with the building department approved (stamped) design drawings and specifications and applicable workmanship provisions of the International Building Code. Architect/engineer reviewed shop drawings may be used only as an aid to inspection.

For continuous special inspection, the special inspector shall be on site at all times observing the work requiring special inspection. Periodic inspections, if any, must have prior approval based on a separate written plan reviewed and approved by the building department and the registered design professional in responsible charge. Periodic inspection is intended to mean that the inspector at periodic times inspects all work performed but is not required to “witness”the work being performed.

3. Report nonconforming items. The special inspector shall bring nonconforming items to the immediate attention of the contractor and note all such items in the daily report. If any item is not resolved in a timely manner or is about to be incorporated in the work, the special inspector shall immediately notify the building department by telephone or in person, notify the registered design professional in responsible charge and post a discrepancy notice.

4. Provide timely reports. The special inspector should complete written inspection reports for each inspection visit and provide the reports on a timely basis determined by the building official. The special inspector or inspection agency shall furnish these reports directly to the building official, registered design professional in responsible charge and others as designated

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